You may have heard of companies offering live chat services system or have used that functionality yourself while shopping online. This service happens to be more and more popular and it becomes standard to find it on different web pages while browsing online. Many companies have added a live chat service support to their help desk software. Why? Simply because the traditional customer assistance does not satisfy customer anymore. They do not want to call and wait to have answers to their questions. They want assistance and they want it quickly!

Customer service live chat helps to build the client’s confidence while their shopping experience and improve their general satisfaction with your services. Live chat system has now become one of the best tools for B2B companies. If you’ve been thinking about adding the live chat customer service to your business, here are six signs that your company would highly benefit from adding a live chat customer service.

Many customers go on your web page but it doesn’t convert into sales

There are many reasons why users are going to your page but are ending not buying anything from you. One of them can be that they do not find easily what they have been looking for. A customer service chat can help the users finding exactly what they’ve been looking by suggesting items, a powerful tool to increase sales. A live chat system will surely help you convert leads into sales.

Many users also browse online without taking any action and don’t put any items in their cart. A customer service chat can get those users to take action. The live chat functionality will help them make the move to buy by reassuring and encouraging them to go to the checkout page.

You have A LOT of abandoned shopping cart

Abandoned shopping carts are a sure sign that users weren’t convinced enough to go through the buying process. Is the problem the product description? Is it the checkout process? Is it the company’s policies about returns that weren’t clear enough? Many reasons can be responsible for this situation.

A website chat service can help remedy to this situation. How? Simply by answering live any questions that may be discouraging the customer from buying and remove all doubts. In other words, the live chat system will assist immediately users and will remove all of the client’s hesitation. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of competition online. A live chat system will help you convert the visit into sales and help you keep users on your page.

Your support team receive several requests by email

Clients send emails when they don’t find the answers easily online. While your webpage seems complete and easy to navigate, some users may not easily find the information they are looking for. In that case, they will either email or go to your competitor’s page. Few will take the time to call as many customers would rather communicate by text as it is more convenient for them.

Website chat services will help you offer a better customer experience. Users won’t have to wait on hold or stop doing what they were doing to contact you. Also, emails are a slower-paced way of communicating and often require a lot of back and forth that may cause irritation.

Live chat customer services help to decrease the amount of received email while providing a great assistance to users. Clients will be satisfied with this fast and efficient customer support.

Clients aren’t satisfied with your customer services

Customer satisfaction is the key to grow your business and stay competitive in your market. Unhappy clients will look elsewhere, and you’ll need to constantly work to find new customers. A website that offers chat services will help improve the customer experience. Users will have answers to their questions immediately and will be happy about their shopping experience on your page. The live chat customer service will help them resolve their issues quickly. Those happy clients will surely come back on your website when looking for something else! It’s not a secret, a good customer service plays an important role in business.

You have a lot of competition

With all the companies offering products and services online, it’s never been so necessary to stand out among your competitors. You have to offer a little something more that your competitors won’t propose. Why not offering a website chat service? This will give you the opportunity to offer real-time customer service and assure you that you are one step ahead of your numerous competitors. It’s well-known, satisfied clients are less likely to switch to other companies.

Your support team has too many requests to reply quickly

Your support team works hard, but as your company grows, it may become difficult for them to deal quickly with customer support. Does the fact that companies don’t respond fast enough have an impact on sales? Of course. And it’s even truer if you are in a field with lots of players.

In today’s fast-paced world, people won’t be waiting for your response for days. Not even for hours actually. They’ll just go back to Google and end up buying from one of those other businesses out there. To make sure you are not losing customers, add a live chat to make sure people receive quick assistance. If you are not meeting users’ expectations, your company won’t grow and succeed to its full potential.

If your business shows one or many of those six signs, you may want to start looking for a live chat company that will help you succeed and achieve your goals. In today’s extremely competitive world, a website chat service can benefit you and your support team, while offering a quality customer service. Live chats are undeniably an easy and efficient way to change the customer service for the better by presenting an immediate assistance to the users on your website.