Live chat will soon be a must-have for every website that is serious about growing online. For the few years that it has been around, it has completely revolutionized how businesses interact with their online audience, leading to better customer experiences, and an increase in sales throughout the process. But these are not the only reasons why you should consider having this powerful feature on your website. If you have been on the fence, wondering whether you should install one on your site, then here are our compelling reasons, and some of the benefits you are likely to reap when you have live chat support for your business.

Improved conversations

One of the greatest benefits that come with having live support for your business, is improved sales and conversions. It is normal for prospects on your web page to have questions or concerns that may need to get addressed before they go ahead and make a purchase. With live chat support, potential clients can ask questions and have answers to their concerns in real time. It is unlike sending an email or a message, which may go unanswered for some time. If clients can get the assurance they need while still on the site, your site’s conversion rate will improve tremendously. The chat operator can also engage clients on the site and ask them if they need any help, to which the support can then go ahead and close the sale directly. The same is also the case if the objective of the website is to collect leads.

Live chat lowers the cost of support

There is no denying that the cost of customer support is always expensive. If you consider the number of employees you will need to hire to respond to calls and emails, you will see that using live chat support on your website will be extremely cost-effective. With a phone operator, for example, the operator can tend to one client at a time. And the email support staff can also respond to one email at a time. However, this is not the case with live chat support. One support staff is able to respond to multiple clients at the same time. This means that one chat support can handle more customers than what one phone or email support staff would have been able to manage. In this manner, if used effectively, it will offer cost-savings to the business, while also improving efficiency within the business’ lead generation and customer support initiatives.

Builds more trust with buyers

Going to a website and finding out that there is live support to tend to all your queries and concerns, will be more satisfying than going to another website and finding no one to help you unless you send an email or make a phone call. This is a subtle way through which businesses can build and increase trust, especially with potential clients, whom they are yet to deal with. The fact that you will be available to respond to their concerns will help improve their perception of your business, which will, in turn, make it easy for them to deal with. With trust comes loyalty, and this is something that everybody yearns for in business.

Be ahead of the competition

A live chat service within your business will give you a competitive edge over your rivals who may not be using this unique solution. As already noted above, a live chat feature will make it easy for you to increase sales and conversions on your website, and it will also help increase the trust that customers have in your business. All of this will lead to desirable outcomes that your competition may just be yearning for. Therefore, if you have been looking for a competitive advantage over other companies in your industry, you have every reason to consider using the live chat for your business. Remember, it is only now that you can take advantage of this. Soon, your competition will realize what you are doing, and it will be difficult for you to set yourself apart from them if they begin offering this service to their website visitors before you.

Increase customer satisfaction

A website equipped with Live chat services will not just be beneficial to the business, but also to the customer. To begin with, the customer will be in a position to get real-time responses from the business, and to have all their concerns addressed. Secondly, the customer will feel loved and appreciated when they don’t have to make phone calls or send emails in order to get what they want. And, the fact that there is always someone to respond to queries when needed, is not the norm at the moment. All these work harmoniously to increase customer satisfaction, thus making them want to always buy from your store.

Keep in contact with site visitors

Another benefit of having WordPress live chat, is that it will give you the chance to keep in touch with your site visitors. When someone is on the site, you will receive alerts, and you can engage them almost immediately. It is a more effective way to get in touch and keep in touch with your customers compared to waiting for them to first make contact when they have a problem or they need a concern addressed. It shows that you care, and that you want the best experience for your site visitors. This is a high level of customer care that not all websites offer their site users.

Taps into SEO benefits

Not known to many people, having a live chat website can improve your site’s rankings in search engine results (SERPs). One of the most important metrics that search engines use to rank sites, is user experience, of which, bounce back rate is always a factor. With live chat support, users will spend more time on your website, and they are also likely to click on other pages within the site. These will lower the bounce back rate, which in turn will help to improve the site’s ranking in search engines.