Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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  What is echat123?
Echat123 provides Live Chat/Instant Messaging and call transfer services to help your business get more leads and offer immediate customer service to your potential clients. We have experience helping businesses in diverse fields including medical practices, mortgage brokers, emergency service providers, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, auto dealers, HVAC companies, and appliance repair technicians, by converting website traffic into qualified potential clients.
  Can my website have echat123 services in another language?
We currently provide multilingual chat service in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  How much does it cost to implement echat123 services on my Website?
Checkout our Pricing page to checkout the various packages available to small businesses. Each situation is different. All pricing information would be provided during your initial free consultation with one of our Sales Representatives. In addition, we consider the free trial to be a calibration period, which allows us to determine the level of service you will require.
  Will echat123 services work after business hours?
Our echat123 representatives are available to serve your customers 24/7, and we are also available to manage chats using your existing chat widget after business hours.
  Can I try echat123 before purchasing it?
Yes, you can! We currently offer a 14 day free trial (available for a limited time only). In addition, we are currently waiving all setup fees to create and customize your chat widget, which will reflect your brand. We will also write a script reflecting your goals, which will be used by our chat representatives to serve your customers. In addition, we will translate the script to the applicable languages available on your website or social media. We will setup your widget, write and translate your script, and train our reps, completed free of charge.
  Can visitors browsing my website or Facebook business page on mobile phones or tablets also chat with me?
Yes, echat123 works seamlessly across all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet formats.
  How will echat123 agents know how to respond to my customers?
When filling out the form to try our live chat services for free (2 week free trial), you will need to include a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions). Our agents will then develop a script, which they will use, to respond to the majority of inquiries. However, there will surely be cases in which our agents are not able to respond to your website visitors' questions, at which point our agents will email you the contact details of the potential or existing client; or depending on the inquiry, the time of day, and the urgency of the matter, our agents may choose to transfer the potential client directly to your phone during designated hours, so you can respond directly to the client. Regardless of whether we transfer the client to you, key points regarding the chat discussion along with the client's contact details will be sent to you via email.
  Can an echat123 representative transfer a call from the visitor directly to me at any moment?
Yes, however, we stick to the hours that you have indicated that you wish to receive phonecalls. Echat123 representatives can transfer phone calls to you within set hours as required, or if you prefer to make call transfers a standard part of the process, we can do that instead.
  What information will I receive from each chat and how will I receive it?
A transcript of each chat conversation will be sent to you via email, including the user's contact details. Transcripts will include details regarding the type of inquiry (sales, service or other), and whether the livechat user was transferred to your phone line. In addition, an indication of the geographic region where the user started the chat will be included in the chat transcript (using your Google Analytics UA number), along with a note specifying which page the chat was initiated on, and the referring source that was used to deliver the user to your website (Ex: Google.com).
  I did not find an answer to my question here. Who can I ask?
Chat with us now and we'll do our best to assist you!
  We are too busy and have enough clients.
Great, we can use the chat service to offer better customer service to those clients while disregarding people whose inquiries are not relevant to your business. This will also free-up your phone lines and save you money on internal human resources who would otherwise waste their time handling such inquiries. Some of our clients use our livechat service strictly as a customer service tool to help clients have a better experience navigating through their respective websites.
  We don’t want a third party handling our customers and/or our business info is very sensitive.
No problem; we can have you participate in the chats during the hours of your choice. We can also immediately transfer leads from the chat conversation over to your phone line - this will still increase your conversion rate and will generate new leads from your existing traffic (people who would not have been ready or comfortable enough to contact you by phone or via contact form). We can make our instructions very strict so that as soon as an inquiry comes in, we simply inform them that their name and contact details will be transferred to the right person and they will get back to you.
  We don’t trust robots answering on our behalf.
There are no bots involved here; our livechat service is managed on your behalf by our team of live reps that do shift work and manage your website around the clock: 24/7.
  My upcoming new website isn’t ready yet.
No problem. In the meantime, would you please fill out this form so that we can start creating your widget, and writing your script? I can walk you through it or fill it out while asking you a few simple questions by phone.
  I don’t want my clients seeing your agency’s logo on the chat bubble.
No problem; we can offer you a white labeled service so you are the only person/brand that is presented to your company, and as an agency, you can sell it to your clients under your banner.
  Wouldn’t we be getting these inquiries anyway through our phone number or contact form?
No. In the same way that offering multiple payment solutions results in additional sales, offering clients alternative ways to communicate with you will also boost your conversion rate and increase your sales. In addition, our service comes with a ton of other benefits including improve user experience, visitor retention and hence it is also beneficial for SEO (to improve your website's visibility in search engines like Google).
  I don’t want any more fixed monthly costs.
We never force our clients to lock into a long-term agreement with us, so you can use this service month-to-month without any long-term commitment. However, we do reward customers who sign and pay for a 12 month period with a 13th month of service for free!
  This service sounds too good to be true. Is it for real?
It's real; we are just one of the first to get to market and this is a great opportunity for you to get an edge on your competitors. It would be similar to you being the only ones with a website in your entire industry amongst all your competitors. Take advantage of this.
  Do you offer exclusivity?
No; and even if we did, you probably wouldn't be willing to pay for it. You would need to have us commit to not selling this to any other company in your industry internationally, which is a huge restriction considering that the market is completely open right now. However, if this is a major concern for you, I can have you take it up with management and perhaps you can work something out.